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S.P.I.R.I.T [Mystery Hauntings] Is a website where you can come and talk about your paranormal experiences.Ask for help and advice, we our selves are kinda new at this. We like others take paranormal very seriously and exciting.
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 Grace's Bio

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PostSubject: Grace's Bio   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:02 am

Name: Grace Willow Sirett

General Appearance
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 121 lbs
Age: [dead]
Age Appearance: 17 years old
Hair Color: “smoky” purple
Hair Length: Hip-length
Eye Color: Indigo
Marks: Stab wound scars below her chest-bone
Education: Impressive for someone born in her time, but could be better.
Skills: Playing the piano, singing, has a knack for getting along with young children
Phobias / Fears: Socializing with people in general is a big task with her, but she rarely has to do it and keeps it well-hidden; anyone with a violently explosive personality;
Bad Habits: Being quick to judge; she also tends to refuse many opportunities that could prove useful to her in the future for own selfish reasons; tends to pretend she's emotionally stronger than she really is, which often results in bouts of depression
Quirks: Often reminisces out loud
Best Qualities: Loyalty, honesty, and her acceptance of (most) people
Worst Qualities: She’s quick to judge, often says things other people won’t, gets angered easily, also tends to snap when subjects come up she’s afraid of talking about, gets defensive easily

Experiences, Memories & Goals
Key Childhood Experiences: N/A
Key Teenage Experiences: N/A
Key Adult Experiences: The murder of her child and husband
Marriage Background: She was married once.
Goals: She’s given up on making goals for herself since a while back
Motivations: Vain attempts on trying to make right what went horribly wrong while she was married.

Food: N/A
Art: N/A
Music: Classical
Book: Anything historical

Date of Birth: January 17th
Style of Speech: She tends to prefer using a larger vocabulary when speaking to people less educated than her, otherwise is usually quite cordial to the people she talks to, in the way she talks to them.

Theme Songs
Nothing and Everything - - Red
I'm Not Alright - - Sanctus Real
Without the Bitter, the Sweet Just isn't as Sweet - - Mayday Parade

Picture ~

Grace & Ty ~

Ember ~

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Grace's Bio
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