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S.P.I.R.I.T [Mystery Hauntings] Is a website where you can come and talk about your paranormal experiences.Ask for help and advice, we our selves are kinda new at this. We like others take paranormal very seriously and exciting.
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 Coracao Selvagem {Śḫἵяὰṋŭί }

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Paradise...was a failure."

Kiba whispered into the blinding wind, his body inching painfully forward. Behind him a bloody trail painted the landscape red. Paw prints imbedded themselves into the snow, as the muscular wolf attempted to raise himself. Severely weakened from his ordeal towards the gates, he finally dropped to the powdery snow. Flurries rising on either side of him, the white wolf rolled his amber hues skywards. Above birds flew Northward, towards the aurora in the distance. "It all had to end in the most horrific of ways." Kiba muttered softly, closing his eyes as flash backs played in his mind. Terrible memories of his pack mates dropping dead one by one. First Toboe, then Blue. Finally until the last one died before his very eyes. The one group who had shown him paradise was nothing without company. Ears pinned backwards, he thought of the many times he'd bickered with Tsume. Of the many fights, he'd endured with his team working closely with him. In the end his bravo had led, the group into death. Only one person was to blame for their violent disappearance. Kiba.

Groaning in pain, he wondered why nature didn't kill him fast enough. Was she planning on leaving him to die a slow and painful death? Kiba growled deeply again, his body beginning to rise stubbornly from the snow. Fresh gore dripping to the watery snow below, he continued dragging himself towards the mountains. If anyone out in the wilderness saw him in this condition, then he would became another casualty. :: Keep on moving...:: By sheer will alone, Kiba traveled roughly 100 more meters, before his weary body gave up. No more. He just couldn't muster anymore strength to move. Giving in seemed like a likely option. Amber hues falling half shut, his body began to inch into darkness. Dimly he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him. Growling once, the white wolf fell silent as scientists happened to stumble upon his fallen form by a miracle.

"Hey! Look what we have here! A wolf! He looks dead." The scientist muttered, moving his foot to nudge Kiba's motionless form.

"Hmm...he looks dead….but he has a faint pulse. Take him to the laboratory...maybe run a few tests on him." Grabbing, the white wolf by the hind legs, both men dragged the half-conscious canine into the dark room. Crimson stained the metal floor as two huffing scientists shackled the wolf by the neck beneath an examination table. Little by little the wolf, began to regain consciousness within the dark room. The unfamiliar scent of human and disinfectant smothered his nose. :: Where am I? This....place….smells so familiar...:: Widening his amber hues, Kiba let out a small growl into the darkness. But stopped when he smelled another wolf in the area. :: Another one like me?:: Ears flattening backwards, the ivory-colored canine growled “Who are you? Show yourself?!”

OCC: Coracao Selvagem {Meaning: Wild Heart} Not really sure where I want to go with this...basically Kiba has been captured after failing to find paradise which resulted in the death of his pack. You can be a wolf that was captured and is currently being held in the laboratory for experimentation, since wolves are technically 'extinct' or choose any reason as to why your wolf is at the lab. Ah before I forget, Kiba can morph into a human....although it is only a mental illusion to help him blend in with people. Phew long explanation sorry...for more info search Wolf's Rain on Wikipedia. Also no one liners please...a paragraph is fine.}



Though, obviously in Muse's wolf form it's not yellow. More of a creamy colour, like her blonde hair. And, boviously only 1 tail.

The smell of blood hit her nostrils as she came into the room, followed closely by the scent of another wolf. The usually black and cream wolf was in her so called 'human form', with blonde and brown hair, blue eyes and generally bored look on her face. Yet, her insides were queazy. She didn't want to do this, but she had to. Muse glanced behind her, at the guy following her with blue/grey hair, green eyes and a stern, yet emotionless look to his features. His name was Roku, and like Muse, he too was a wolf.

Looking around the room, Muse wondered whether the blood she smelt was her brother's or another wolf's. The other wolf smell was not of her brother, but of a stranger. Yet, Muse refused to believe there were other wolves around these areas. Weren't they have supposed to be gone from here? She had heard of a small pack of wolves here, yet apparently they had escaped. She had heard they were killed not too long ago. Surely they hadn't survived. What if they had, though?

Muse walked further into the room, Roku staying near the enterance of the room, keeping an eye out for intruders. Then she heard an unfamilar voice. Must jumped in surprise and stepped forward, where the white wolf came into view. He was injured and obviously weak. Muse didn't know what to do or say. Another wolf. A stranger. Someone different. Wasn't this good? Must had always wanted to meet someone else, but had lost hope that she ever would. Muse then saw her brother's cage only a small way away from the white wolf. He was laying there, watching them in silence. Obviously, Alpha had just regained consciousness.

Glancing at the white wolf for a moment, Muse made her way to Alpha's cage and kneeled down beside it. Eyeing the lock on it, Muse shook her head in disappointment. She pulled out a pin she had broguht along with her and got to work unlocking it. Every now and then she glanced back at the white wolf. For a while, she had nothing, but finally said to the white wolf, "I'm Muse, and i'm obviously not here to hurt you."

Once Alpha's cage was unlocked and the abnormally large wolf stepped out, he was a 'human'. Muse walked over to the white wolf's cage and got to work unlocking it. His seemed to be a bit more complicated so it'd take a bit longer. Muse just hoped that nobody would come. So far, Roku hadn't said anything and Alpha had gone to keep an eye out as well, but Muse that eventually somebody would come.

‘Why did your pack die out? Why were you the only one to survive? Paradise would’ve been open if you hadn’t dragged those mongrels along!’ Mongrels? Why had Darcia insulted them with piteous names? Why did he kill the ‘pack’? ‘Thanks to you my pack died! Thanks to you my body is covered in horrendous wounds! Thanks to you….I’ve failed in reaching paradise!’ The alabaster-colored wolf screeched telepathically, his bitter response specifically chosen to fight Darcia’s previously spoken words. Fate, if such a word even existed, had cruel ways of allying herself with the wrong individual. In the white wolf’s case why had destiny dealt such a vindictive blow? Had she sensed the need for Kiba to become less impulsive? Is that the reason he met Hige first back in Freeze City? “C-Cheza where are you? I can’t feel your presence anymore….” He uttered hoarsely, before falling silent as his sensitive nose picked up three distinctive scents. Did Kiba just capture the aroma of his fellow brethren or were his injuries causing him to hallucinate? ’Wolves? What are wolves doing in a place like this?’ Kiba questioned curiously, attempting to lift his head into an upright position, but stopped as excruciating pain raced through out his mangled body. It definitely wasn’t a good idea to keep pushing himself, especially after Darcia’s fangs had inflicted heavy damage upon his right hind leg.

“I must escape. I must keep moving forward away from this wretched place….” How would he flee without being recaptured? His macerate frame couldn’t possibly endure anymore traumatizing blows, then again Kiba worried more about the prospect of concealed weapons conveniently hidden away and within easy reach of trigger-happy scientists eager to cash in on the opportunity of examining live specimens A vivid flashback of Jagura’s enormous residence prompted an involuntary shiver out of the injured white wolf, seeing as the graphic mental images revolved around collared wolves, dead and stuffed unceremoniously into display cases as if they were trophies instead of living beings. Despite, the certainty of the blonde-haired noble being dead, her flashing amethysts eyes still made him feel quite uncomfortable. Why? She was already dead, killed by the very man whose unconditional love for Harmona drove him into an unstable frenzy.

’You will lose everything…as I have.’ Shaking Darcia’s menacing words out of his head, the ivory canine slowly rolled sideways, before climbing unsteadily to his feet. Lesions that had been previously clotted by platelets tore open, transforming Kiba’s pelt into a macabre burgundy canvas. Ignoring the discomfort matted fur produced, he focused citrine optics on the laboratory entrance half expecting to see white-coated scientists leading brainwashed wolves in, of course the young wolf only stared as a blonde-haired and blue eyed adolescent wandered into the examination room. Kiba instantly recognized the unfamiliar ’human’ as a disguised female wolf, although the second wolf scent he had smelled earlier remained stationed outside, perhaps on lookout if danger should suddenly arise. ‘Jagura failed in exterminating all of the wolves? What a relief….’ The pallid canine mulled intrinsically, yet his relief at seeing living and breathing wolves in front of him was short-lived, after all Jagura massacred many innocent victims in her never-ending quest to open a false paradise meant only for nobles.

Flattening ears against his cranium, he turned his attention back on the startled female, apparently his sudden appearance made her jumpy. Why? Was he physically intimidating to look at? “This place has the stench of human!” Wrinkling sensitive nose in disdain, the white wolf’s gaze drifted away from Muse’s face and onto the metal bars imprisoning him from all sides. Obviously, each thick stainless steel piece had been built to withstand crazed wolf attacks as well as protecting precious cargo against ricocheting bullets. He definitely wasn’t about to use his valuable fangs to pry open the cage, there must be another way of finding freedom. Kiba’s vantage point lay partially blocked due to another steel cage sitting not far, though the inside contents peaked the canines interest greatly. Another captured wolf? The white canine rummaged his brain for any recollection of wolves being near him, yet every single memory depicted a fatal struggle between life and death.

Almost immediately, his primal instincts kicked into overdrive suppressing vivid nightmares into the deepest part of his unconsciousness. “How was he captured?” Kiba finally spoke, watching the petite female make her way towards the wolf in the nearby cage.” I wasn’t expecting to see anyone in this forsaken place…..much less a wolf. Supposedly every wolf in the domed cities were killed off by unknown forces.” He shrugged nonchalantly, golden-brown glued intently on young woman baring the pin. An eternity of silence seemed to past between them, until the golden-haired female introduced herself as ’Muse’. Ignoring the last part in her sentence, Kiba found himself debating whether his name should be spoken or kept in total obscurity. In the end, it didn’t matter. He was just ’Kiba’ the white wolf. The outcast who couldn’t keep his friends alive long enough to reach paradise. “They call me…Kiba.” He answered hesitantly, triangular ears twitching lightly as Alpha’s cage swung wide open revealing an abnormally large wolf in ’human’ form. ’Darcia…’ His mind logical mind warned, blurring the thin line between fantasy and reality. ’He isn’t Darcia at all! That wolf is dead!’ Fierce anger swept through out his weary body, filling every cranny with a savage urge to destroy. Muse’s close approximation wasn’t helping matters either, instead of being grateful for her help in getting him out of confined quarters, Kiba was regressing back to his old impulsive personality. “You’re going very slow…at this rate someone will surely find us!” Kiba snarled viciously, before propelling his blood stained body in vain against the locked metal door. ‘If…the scientists don’t come…I’m sure the security cameras have already alerted the troops in this facility.’

Muse glanced at the wolf as he spoke his name. Kiba. So that was the white wolf's name. Looking over at Alpha who was standing at the enterance and Roku who was to the side, out of view the female sighed. Then Kiba snapped at her and she turned her attention to him with a fierce glare. "You do realise that I am the one helping you escape, right?" Muse snapped, yet her thoughts wandered back to when he asked how he was caught.. Not even she knew that answer. Alpha had gone on his usual wanders and when Roku and Muse went to find him, they found him being driven away locked in a cage. What he was doing, Muse didn't know. Growling lightly at the thought, Muse continued to work on Kiba's lock. It was taking longer then she would've liked. She wanted to get out of here but she couldn't just leave this wolf here, no matter how annoying he seemed to be.

After who knows how long, the female managed to unlock Kiba's cage and the door swung open. Standing and stepping back, Muse nodded lightly at her handiwork and looked at Kiba, "there. You're free to do as you please, now," she said roughly. She turned and walked to the enterance, where Roku and Alpha now stood, watching her. her brother was smiling proudly yet Roku just had his usually sullen look on his face. Muse glanced back at Kiba, "Follow us if you want to get out of here, though," she said lightly. Whether he could follow them or not, she didn't know though.

Alpha walked ahead to keep an eye out on guards and scientists coming, whilst the sullen Roku stayed by the female's side like a watchdog. Muse walked briskly ahead, glancing back at Kiba every now and then. They managed to get close to the exit, the door was just ahead, in view, but then guards blocked their way. Alpha, being his rash and stupid self instantly revealed himself as a wolf to them. Muse was relieved though that he was away from Roku and Muse, far enough to make it seem like they weren't with him.

Muse glanced abck to check of Kiba, unsure what he was doing. Looking at the guards then at Roku, she wondered whether she should try to talk her way out of this, or fight. Either way could lead to a dangerous path, then either way could also lead to their freedom from this creepy place. "What should we do, Roku?" Muse asked quietly, keeping her sharp eyes on the guards as they tried to take down Alpha. Though they were siblings and Alpha was apart of theit group, Alpha had always made a point that unless he was nearly dead, he didn't want anyone to help him in his fights. So they didn't plan to do anything.
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