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S.P.I.R.I.T [Mystery Hauntings] Is a website where you can come and talk about your paranormal experiences.Ask for help and advice, we our selves are kinda new at this. We like others take paranormal very seriously and exciting.
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 .Heaven's Not Enough. [Mature; Private]

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PostSubject: .Heaven's Not Enough. [Mature; Private]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:22 pm

'I Don't believe in miracles
I never did
Nothing ever happens here
So sick of it

I-I-I told you
I-I-I need to
Get - get myself into something new
I´m for something mystical, histerical,
Dark, intensive, sexual

I'm not gonna live forever
Said I'm not gonna live forever
better make it now or never
(ever, ever)
I'm not gonna live forever
Said I'm not gonna live forever
gotta make it now or never
(forever or never)....

As clouds gatherd around across the empty skies. Heaven and all it's wonderful glory revealed it's self standing perfectly smack dab in it's cloudy depths. For something that was told in stories; myths; something that appeared to good to be true. Seemed just so magical; it was real; very real; although for human eyes not to see. As it was beheld; it was truely breath taking; the scenary to every detail about it; even the flowers that were in bloom; who ever would've thought right?. Fairytales; stories of the bible most seemed to brush off as non existence; were only just non believers and so led others to believe it to be true. However if one were to see it; it was just as beautiful as a portrait; perfect portrait; each and every single way. The angels; are just like you and I; only with the wings of a dove. Representing much more than just beauty; but peace it's self.

Within the depths of a heavenly building of the kingdom; many beings roamed left to right in much of a hurry; for a reunion was to take place among the angels. veryone was hard at work; preparing the meals; the tables;the scenary; even out in the gardens picking fresh flowers to be placed in vases much like the humans would. Although the clothes were diffrent. "Hauuuuu." The raven haired goddess softly spoke wordlessly as she enterd the main room where the others were suppoe to be setting up. Clothed in white robes from her head to her toes; a long white skirt like fabric appeared to be clothing her bottom half as the other remained wrapped with a white scarf. Much like her mother and her sisters; her wings appear to accumilate ice particules; that shimmered off lighting in blue rimming. Giving her the elegant appearances; blinking her crimson hues curiously at the elder woman whom seemed to be helpng by telling the others where to place things at. Being in charge; she had to make sure it was perfect; stopping an inch behind the other raven haired woman; the slightly shorter girl stood silently. Staring almost admiringly at the older woman; she wasn't sure if it was the way their mind linked together; the kindness in her tone or words; or perhaps her motherly instincts. Whatever it were; the raven haired girl seemed to be rather amazed by her mother's actions. "Uuuu...Uuuuu." The younger girl mummerd quietly as she blinked her eyes once more. Tilting her head innocently to the side as she eyed one of the other angels passing her by with colorful flowers and decorations.

"Hauuuuu." Pausing as the elder raven haired woman paused and turned around to see her youngest daughter standing there; instantly a smile cured upon her painted lips. "There you are Maria; I've been waiting for you;Where's Ceres?" She asked; walking over to her daughter in silence; gazing down with her yellowish red hues glistening down at her. Biting down on her lower lip; Maria parted her lips to speak; "I don't know where she is to be honest mother. Uuuu." Her lips curled into a frown at her mthers sigh. " I just don't understand...As much as I try to be the best mother I can be to please you both it's never enough?" Yura rose her hand to tenderly rub her forehead as if she were getting a headache. "Sometimes I wonder why your personalities had to be so diffrent." Lowering her hand to her side as she relifted her gaze back up to Maria. "Ceres seems to have more of her dad in her; I can clearly see it; I just wish...Ceres woul understand what it's like for me; I mean...I never hear you complain much; Cause I know you try to understand; Is what I ask to much?" She asked softly. "No mother; It's okay...She'll come around mother; I'm sure she's around just don't...I mean you both shouldn't argue; Espeacialy not right now; it's not the time or the place...'
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PostSubject: Re: .Heaven's Not Enough. [Mature; Private]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:13 pm

.Perfect Heaven..
.Perfect world..
. Yet.....I'm anything, but perfect......

{'What's wrong with mommy and daddy? Why does mother look so bitter....and why is dad walking away from her? Should I investigate? ' The horrid feeling of doubt rose within the black-haired girl, her golden orbs trained intently on the male walking away from the scene with hunched shoulders. She didn't understand what had occurred. What happened? Had mother gotten into another fight with Hachi? Were they having another argument and if so...what was it about? Should Ceres try finding out? Would she get in trouble with Yura? What about Hachi and his explosive temperament? The Tennin swallowed a lump in her throat, remembering all those times when her father would explode for no reason. His fiery nature. So, amazing....but at the same time frightful. Hachi. The god of war. The god in charge of keeping order. The god that had once played an important role in the family now distanced himself without looking back. "D..dad..why?" Ceres questioned, scrambling backwards to lean against the temple wall for support. 'Why? I don't understand why? What did we ever do to him? Am I not the perfect daughter?' Many questions plagued her mind with no chance of being answered. "F..father! Wait!" She called out of the blue, gathering courage to call upon the man who had sired her. The man who was capable of laying a hand on his own family. The man who now turned to glare at Ceres with acidic golden orbs. "What the hell do you want?" Hachi questioned, his eyes narrowing to mere slits. Of all the times to bother him, why now? "I don't have the time or energy to deal with trivial matters. Let me take a a wild guess at the question honey. Why did I fight with your mother? Why am I leaving? Well...to make this goodbye short and sweet...thanks to Yura's excessive demands...I've grown tired of her trying to impose herself on me. Demanding perfection...as if she was perfect herself. Hmph!" He snorted furiously, honey-colored hues running back and forth between both females. His lips curled downwards in a bitter-sweet smile "Had you been a male...I would have taken you away from her. However, I have no need of a nagging daughter. So, I bid you farewell...my new wife awaits me." An evil chuckle escaped from the god of war, as he turned around to leave a distraught Ceres behind. His daughter's pleas failed to make him turn around and from that day on the once gentle Tennyo changed into a spiteful young woman.} "I still can't get rid of those memories. Why must I remember such an annoying past?" Ceres asked herself softly. Reaching out with shaky finger, the young woman grabbed hold of a pure white gown with light gold trimming lining the sleeves, hem and collar. Delicate cream-colored scarves laid neatly folded on the bed, along with various flower decorations for the young woman's hair. "I don't feel like joining today's celebration. Especially...since Maria is bound to be there as well." She scoffed beneath her breath, already struggling to contain the bad feeling bubbling inside.

Feelings. Why did she have them? Were emotions even a necessity? 'Was there a way to murder the sadness threatening to rise? A way to bury the fury beneath a fresh coat of dirt? She didn't know whether emotions could be destroyed via magic. It had been a concept none of the other angels in heaven considered for having the ability to feel empathy was considered sacred. An innate talent for angels worthy of protecting human kind. "Why would I consider having empathy? Father never cared for me and all mom has ever done is complain over my attitude. I know I'm different." The Celestial Maiden spoke to the empty room, carefully undoing her old robes. Slipping off the course red satin, Ceres slipped into the white gown made especially for this special occasion. Tying the ribbon around her neck and waist, the young woman spun around to look at her reflection. A complete stranger stared back at Ceres from within the glass. A woman cladded in silk robes with flowing scarves, white wings out-stretched with the faintest tinge of yellow accumulated at the tips. Completely different. Out of place. Misunderstood. Hurting. "I don't recognize...the woman in the mirror." Ceres lamented, reaching over to tuck a few white roses in her left ear, before smoothing a few locks of glossy black hair over one shoulder. "Different. I'm different...." The black-haired woman stepped away from the mirror. Sun and moon. Black and white. If Maria was light, then Ceres was night. No wonder she had been left behind in the shadows to decay. Maybe Yura's self-proclaimed love was selfish. A convincing tactic to keep Ceres tied by her side, while forcing her to endure humiliations along that perfect sister named "Maria". "If I don't hurry...I'm bound to be late. Mother dearest wouldn't hesitate to bore me to death with her preaching." Grabbing a hold off her flowing skirt, the young woman hurried out of the room. Twisting a slender frame around, the maiden closed the door quietly, while facial features twisted into a scornful expression. 'Am I truly alone? Or am I just suffering from jealousy? Maybe, I'm being an ungrateful child.' Another boring celebration. Another exposure to the constant gossip some angels spoke about her. Did Ceres even want to show her face in public? Did she want to suffer next to Maria? Did she want to feel the familiar string of hatred? Pausing in mid-stride, the raven-haired girl took a minute to gaze back at their family home. Shelter. The sanctuary she was leaving behind to make two people happy. Everything she had to endure was to please Yura, but it seemed the older woman only found all types of faults in Ceres. 'Why can't I be more obedient? Why did I change suddenly? Is it to be unique? That isn't the real reason...for my drastic turn...or am I lying to myself. Did I truly lose my heart?' Impossible. Absolutely impossible. She couldn't pretend to throw away all her feelings. Or maybe she could. Glossy red lips thinned into a bitter smile, while the young woman resumed the agonizing walk all the way to the location where the celebration would take place.

Picking up the flowing white skirt, the young maiden poked her head into the main room to capture a faint glimpse at the festive atmosphere. Honey-colored orbs flickered slowly across the main rafters, taking in the variety of garlands wrapped around the marble pillars. Flowers in all colors of the rainbow, adorned the doorways, aisles and tables top, while elegantly dressed angels scurried in all directions to finish the final touches. Ceres only shook her head in disdain "All these decorations for a single event? I wonder what the angels are celebrating today?" The Celestial Maiden questioned softly, taking in a single breath of air to steady her composure. "Ah! There you are Tennyo Ceres! Where have you been? Never-mind that..your mother is looking for you! Better hurry before she calls upon the angels to begin an extensive search." Juno's excited voice sliced into the young woman's thoughts, immediately snapping her to attention. Shimmering hues focused on the over-zealous angel with spiteful annoyance "Must you always be this loud? I already know mother dearest is looking for me." Ceres snapped angrily, slender eyebrows furrowed downwards in loathing to signify just how much Juno's presence disgusted her. "I...I'm sorry. I just..." Green eyes averted down to the floor as the Heavenly Maiden walked past without acknowledging her effort. Why? Why was Ceres acting hateful? What was wrong with the Tennyo today? Swallowing hard, the goddess of light turned back to her work with a heavy heart. "Stop wasting my time." The raven-haired hissed to herself, taking the stairs into the main room cautiously. Step by step, the Tennin reached the base where different entrances met together to form the mouth of the ball room. Ceres took tentative steps towards the parlor, only to pause as she caught wind of Maria and Yura together. Mother and daughter. Looking happy without her. Why did the scenario cause her such exquisite pain? Was she jealous by their close bond? Did she envy Maria's connection to Yura? 'Maria always did have a way...of understand mother...better then I ever could.' Swallowing harshly, the young woman shut out all other sounds in the hallway, to focus on the interesting conversation Yura was having with Maria. What Ceres heard next was enough to knock the wind out her. A sharp pain drove itself into her heart, and bloody tears begun to sprang from the girl's eyelids. Droplets of crimson spattered to the ground musically, each individual transforming into a precious scarlet ruby. So, this was it? Yura wanted Ceres to be like Maria? Did her mother not appreciate who she was? Unable to take the pain anymore, the Celestial Maiden stormed into the main room with anger lacing her once soft voice "So it is true! You never loved me for who I was....now I understand why father walked out! I should have known Maria would be your preferred child. Why? Is it because I'm different? Because I remind you of father?! Well....let me say this...I despise you and Maria. I hate you...I HATE YOU!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough to cause some of the flowers to begin falling to the floor like rain drops. Clenching her hands tightly, the Tennin turned around to leave stunned angels behind in desperation as one desperate thought came to mind. Escape. Earth. It was time to leave this forsaken place. Time to find a way to reside on earth without ever seeing Maria or Yura again.

Occ: Hachi = God of War

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.Heaven's Not Enough. [Mature; Private]
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